Transforming Lives Through the Power of Work

Employment Programs and Services

Goodwill Southern California’s (GSC) mission is to Transform Lives Through the Power of Work. We provide career education, training, work experience and job placement services.

Our century-old organization is widely recognized as a leader in workforce development and employment services. GSC serves job seekers across Los Angeles (N. of Rosecrans), Riverside & San Bernardino counties. We specialize in populations with barriers to employment, providing a wide range of programs and services. Critical to our work is our partnership with local government, employers, educators, and non-profit organizations. Below are some of the programs that we offer:

America’s Job Centers of California (AJCC)

Under the guidance of the federal Workforce Innovations and Opportunity Act (WIOA), the AJCC provides eligible candidates with case management, job training and placement services to prepare people to enter or re-enter the workforce.

Youth Programs

Disconnected youth are not employed, not in school, or not engaged in activities that promote development. To ensure youth ages 14-24 in our communities receive the best opportunity to thrive, we provide case management, work-based learning activities, job placement services and educational counseling to help meet the employment and educational needs of our youth.

Veteran Employment Program

GSC’s Veteran Employment Program offers skills assessments, one-on-one career counseling, employment preparation courses, educational and technical skills classes, and work tools as well as access to a host of other partner services including shelter and housing assistance, transportation assistance, medical and dental health services, mental health and substance abuse counseling – all aimed at helping veterans secure meaningful and sustainable employment.

Serving Individuals Experiencing Homelessness

Presently, the number of members in our community experiencing homelessness has increased beyond 50,000 in Los Angeles County. We are all experiencing the side effects of this epidemic. GSC as an employer, community partner and steward of the region is at the forefront of trying to solve this problem.

Serving the Reentry Population

Incarceration has negatively impacted communities throughout the United States. Those affects can be felt even more strongly in the Southern California region. Both Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties have a high concentration of reentry populations. Reentry individuals need customized and individualized programs and services. Programs build a pathway from unemployment to transitional employment, to permanent work for individuals who were previously incarcerated.

Manufacturing Sector Intermediary

Working with our partners, Goodwill Southern California has made a significant impact in coordinating workforce, educational and economic development systems to meet the needs of employers in key industry sectors. We focus on creating systemic change by customizing employer apprenticeship programs, aligning existing pre-apprenticeship programs, and communicating real-time employer needs with workforce, education, and economic development leaders.